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Sex, scandal and punishment for the great Ariana Ariana Grande in turmoil in the US

Ariana Grande, after his scandal Donut,
she was invited to leave the usa … Now

She saw a rough patch lately, the beautiful Great! And all this for a blunder, filmed without his knowledge …
Ariana Grande appeared fatigued by its recent removal of wisdom teeth. The American singer held 22 years to renew the excuses she posted on Twitter
. Filmed without his knowledge in a pastry shop, one sees a donut without licking buy it, and embrace Alvarez, her partner before declaring that she “hates Americans and the United States.” His comments have caused a stir.

“I wanted to apologize once again to you for the fiasco Donut. I missed savvy apologizing before, I got carried away by my disagreements with the food world and it was not wise, she said. I should have done better and I apologize once again. ” What put embarrassed the singer, who confessed to “shame” of having behaved well.

Unfortunately, in this turmoil, his ex, Big Sean, does that push … The poor; I think he’s jealous because Ariana is no longer alone … She’s with her partner Ricky Alvarez! and It’s Official!
“It is a brutal awareness when you discover this kind of video you I disgust myself, she has said. I would put my head in a hole and disappear, but instead I will just take what I did and take full responsibility for my actions. I do not ever want to do so in this way I will have a positive influence. I feel to have you disappointed and it sucks. I will use it to learn, grow and become better. ”
We appreciate you and we will offer our support! we all make mistakes and all!
Then support
she needs our love
Let’s say our love ….

Days of Paris


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