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Rainbow Lorikeet. Like a Parrot

Rainbow Lorikeet.

In the Australian forest…
Parrot bird known brightly Ballowanh
ranging from green, red, blue, yellow
Many types of parrot convergence 353 species, which eat nuts, grains, fruits, and especially wild figs, live in forests, and moving between the tops of trees. What types of highly intelligent, able to imitate sounds, and even some simple human words. And you can use the feet to catch and transport the food to the mouth, as well as use them to cling to the branches and climbing on the branches, as it uses the upper jaw attached to the branches and hammocks attached Boagafas in the case of his upbringing in captivity. The length of the shorter parrots and the largest of 10 cm 100 cm. And the birds of the parrot generally birds is an immigrant, build nests in tree holes, and white eggs color round free of impurities or colors, and the female lays a number of eggs ranges from 2-4 eggs, embracing the eggs for 30 days or 5 weeks the female which had inpatient eggs While the male feeding them in the meantime, but the species has a small-sized bleaching about 8 eggs, and the remaining chicks – chicks large – Almakao nest in a period ranging from 10 weeks to 12 weeks or 3-4 months. Parrot has lived for long periods up to years. And the breeding season when the female parrot be in the period between the spring and fall and lay eggs at about 2-4. And parrots and birds in it, so that the couple can not be separated from each .


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